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11/29/21 8:56am
Ahaha I lied, I'm insanely bored in class so I just worked on the misc. figure pages. My teacher is talking about dreams and dream interpretation, it makes me uncomfortable... Dreams are just.. dreams. They only have meaning if you want them to. I've had enough horrible traumatizing dreams to realize that it just means my brain is being especially mean sometimes.

I need a nap.
♥ Jay
11/27/21 8:36pm
I updated my figure pages (minus the misc ones, I'll get to that) and updated my team for Sinnoh!

I've felt really off and weird lately. Memory kind of failing me, don't feel right, keep zoning out. Gonna take a break from coding and stuff for now because I get too absorbed into it...
I'm a hypocrite, though, because I keep playing Pokemon.
♥ Jay
11/25/21 9:29pm
Happy Thanksgiving, I guess?? This holiday is kind of dumb. Be thankful for those around you on other days. It is nice to have the house so lively, sometimes, though. My aunt and uncle brought their dog over and he's really sweet. I held his lil paw!!!!!

I have successfully updated the plushie pages, especially the Hoenn one, to include all of my new friends- and HAPPY GEN 4 REMAKES!! I CAN FINALLY UPDATE MY SINNOH TEAM THANK GOD. Hopefully it's not too hard to find the necessary sprites. I haven't beaten the E4 in the remakes yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion I'm not gonna be able to find the razor claw for my sneasel in time- which is fine! Half of my team isn't fully evolved lol. I have monferno and cranidos...
I've been looking at more old angelfire sites too. I honestly wish people had personal webpages like they used to. I've considered trying to get my friends into it but it's such a horrendous activity and I would not wish this pain on anybody.

You know what, I'm feeling motivated after being misgendered all day. I think I'll take pictures of all my Pokemon figures. Wish me luck!
11/14/21 9:19am
Working on the FnB site has kind of drained my motivation for coding in general. Adding interesting things to a site without a lot of information to put on it is kind of rough. I keep doing this thing where I work on the site for like, 3 hours straight and just end up adding one thing because nothing is working properly. Frustrating as hell.

I got a ton of new plushies, so I need to update this site, though. I might do that a bit later, when I get to the tech school. I already took pictures of everything (except for the new Pikachu... It's really hard to get a good picture of all of my Pikachu plush.), so all that's left is to add them to the site. Lots of new friends!
God, and I still haven't taken pictures of my figures or other stuff yet. I keep meaning to do that but I've been so busy and exhausted. I had a really nasty cold earlier this week and was unable to do much of anything but cry and sleep. But now I'm better, and marching band is over, so maybe I'll be able to do more here again.

Of course, the gif page is always being updated because it's an easy and fun way to waste time in tech class under the guise of practicing coding.
♥ Jay
11/3/21 11:52pm
I've been trying really hard to add pages to this stupid blog, because it's getting too long. But I can't seem to get it to work. You'll see a page selector at the bottom here, with no functionality other than... refreshing the page?
I don't know how I did that.

In other news, I updated the gif page to have a less eyestrainey background. It was a bit much, even for me, and this lets me put even more obnoxious gifs on the page without worrying about how it'd look against the background.
This page specifically might become a bit less active because I'm helping design the website for my local Food not Bombs chapter, so sorry about that in advance- it's all the same to me though... I hate html/css.

And yet, here I am! I really gotta go to bed now. I do still have school- I was accepted into college, so I guess my performance in HS isn't really relevant anymore, but... it's the principle of the thing lmao.
Old habits die hard and all that.
♥ Jay
10/26/21 6:33pm
Those of who who are perceptive will notice that my secret gif page has been updated, but this blog hasn't. That is because saying 'I added more random crap to that page nobody looks at' isn't really worth a blog post!
I added a new friend to my plush collection!!! Shoulder buddy Aipom is now on the site with a lil description of where I got him. Due to various circumstances I may be making another biiiiig plushie purchase soon, so I'll have a lot of work here to do but it's all good work.

I have to really start like, planning for college. But some stuff in life has happened, my top surgery won't happen for god-knows-how-much-longer, but it'll be cheaper. And I think I deserve a big box of stuffed animals for dealing with all of this for so long.
Band season's almost over too, it's my final one. Not sure how I feel about it, other than tired as hell. I'm so tired all the time...

Things are rough but Pokemon stuffies are soft. Hopefully things go well for you, too.
10/7/21 8:45pm
im at band ehehehehehehehehehehe. Anyway my instructor got the link to this site hi alyssa and her friends hope u like it sign my guestbook or ill cry
10/3/21 9:47pm
Alrighty I added another section to the Links page- I added a place I can put stuff I want to rant about, pretty much. In case I have any galaxy-brained thoughts.
I'd basically really like to try to keep this Blog section light-hearted and website-focused. (though, my first link there IS about the internet... agh. anyway.) I'm mostly inspired by sadgrl.online's work- I have her badge in my links page, too.

Ah, I still need to fix that music player. Issue is I don't think that the premium thing I have is sustainable. Once everything's mounted on this drive, that's it. In order to adapt changes cross-platform I just copy+paste. Maybe I can survive without mp4 files lmao.
Take care!

9/28/21 11:20am
I finally splurged my five whole dollars and got the premium plan, which for ME means mostly I can edit this all in Notepad++ now lmao.
I tried to add a music player- you'll probably see it on a few pages, because I broke something- but it's so ugly.

Javascript is hard as hell, I suck at it, I wish I didn't need it to make a fun little website. But alas. Here I am. Using javascript to...
sparkle trail :)

That's all for now, I've just been seeing what Notepad++ is capable of lately. It's really nice!
9/21/21 9:54am
Y'know, I have updated this site a bit since my last blog entry, I just haven't been updating this page. I haven't done much aside from adding gifs to the gif page though. Positioning is ROUGH.
There's a lot of stuff I have to update, collection-wise, but I just haven't had the motivaition. I got a new pin, a new TCG ETB-

Oh god that reminds me- I wasn't able to get the Celebrations collection. They sold out on the USPC site way too fast, it makes me so mad. I hate scalpers so much, they're ruining a perfectly good hobby.

Anyway- I'm going to order a new Aipom plush too, once my gift card I got for my bday starts working. I got a bunch of gameboy parts for my birthday, and lots of money, which is super great but agh it's so hard to spend money now.
I'm constantly scared that something is going to go wrong with top surgery that's gonna cost me a ton. Sure, I have like twice the amount I need- but god, what if?
My parents weren't happy I planned it without them knowing but they're coming around. Even my dad, surprisingly- especially my dad. Very shocking, very weird, don't know how to feel about it all. Less than 2 months to go. At least I know I'm excited about that!!

Ah, on the topic of website, I submitted it for a grade. I wonder if my teacher is reading the blog post section lol. Hi leave a guestbook entry:)
English class is almost over- I hate this class so much its unreal. The teachers just dont shut up. They talk the whole class, very slowly, constantly repeating things, and won't go on until someone raises their hand.
I feel like I'm the only one answering questions sometimes but I hate that because I hate standing out..

9/12/21 8:44pm
So, my birthday's tomorrow, and I mean... I'm kind of ambivalent about it. Knowing I cannot get top surgery or even do the paperwork until I'm 18 is great but, god... I'm like, an adult now I guess. Feels dumb.

I guarantee I'm thinkin' more about it than a lot of other people. I just overthink this stuff, it makes me feel dumb, but I just had the loveliest weekend with a friend. She flew all the way from Florida with her family to come see me. And I just think, maybe when we're adults we won't be able to do that.
Maybe we won't be friends as much in the far future. And it all hurts to think about. But I can't help it.

Anyway. I saw an irl floppy disk at school the other day for the first time in my life, I know that makes me sound really young. It was wild. I saw one from 1986, with a copy of some old IBM DOS on it- that one was actually floppy. It didn't even feel like stuff could be in it!
My teacher said that it used magnetic tape. How wild is that? Like a VHS or something. I guess everything just used magnetic tape back then.

The other floppy I saw was from the later 90s, I don't know what year but it had the drivers for some mouse on it. It was smaller, and more solid and had a metal magnet instead- that's the kind of thing I think of when I think of a floppy disk. It's a bit easier to visualize how that sort of thing works for me.
It's more similar to a DVD, I guess? Well, DVDs use lazers.
...from my understanding, DVDs work by the lazers reading the very very subtle grooves in the disc... I guess it really is just an advanced vinyl record.

Anyway, I love learning about older technology and stuff. It's so insanely interesting, and leagues simpler than recent stuff.
I put some more gifs on the hidden page, which is no longer hidden. You can access it by clicking the last blingee on the About Me page! I put on like, a modem, a computer, a DVD, a VHS player.

I know it's just more convenient, and cost-effective, and space-efficient, and produces less waste, but god I sometimes wish we still used physical wires to connect everything, and I wish everything was still big and easy to understand. I just am so tired of cramming new information into my brain.
It's like, physically exhausting to learn so much in such a short period of time. School and band are really wearing me out. I tried to learn basic javascript in hopes of making this site more interactive but it hurt my head to focus on it too much.
I should proooobably get tested for ADHD. Anyway!
See ya, have a good night, I may not have been posting much but I'm still thinking of new stuff to add to this site.
9/7/21 1:16am
I added a special secret page with no link to it just yet! It's just a funky lil place to store gifs I like. Nothing too special, but god it is kinda eyestrain-y.
I also added a music page if you click on the anarchist miku blingee youll see whatever song I currently have in my head. Today it's been Electric Angel lmao.

My back hurts SO much lately, it's wild. I thought the back pain was from binding but it almost feels like it's been getting worse without binding? Like my ribs don't hurt as much but my back hurts more. I just can't win!!! Maybe my posture just sucks, but I've been trying really hard to stretch often. I'm really not sure what my issue is.
I need to get up early tomorrow to go to the DMV though, so that's all tonight. I need to get my driver's permit... I just. I really don't feel like doing this.
9/5/21 3:58pm
I'm currently just looking around trying to bs some stuff to do on here because we have company over and I don't wanna go downstairs. Like.. I want to but. I feel like I'd just bring the mood down? I don't mesh with the others' senses of humor. It's just family and family friends but. agh.

I added a page to display songs that're in my head if you click on anarchy miku. Right now there's actually nothing in my head but anxiety so I just put a banger. Dog Park Dissidents slaps. I also keep trying to find stuff like- like I saw this one site, PurpleHello98, has a firework effect when you click?? It uses a javascript script and I can't do that.
I don't feel like learning either, frankly.

Also since I'm out of a job I've listed some stuff on Mercari, find me there at j4y.crash. Just yknow, n64 games and amiibo and Pokemon figures that I don't care about anymore. There's a stuffed dragon too lmao his name is Kiwi apparently.
I'm desperate for a PROJECT but there's just nothing!! Everything I wanna do I need to wait for. I bought a broken GBA and am going to repair it but it's not supposed to come until the 9th and aaagggghhhhh that's too long. And my SNES is broken and I wanna repair that too, but I wanna see if I can bring it into school to repair there for a grade, but school isn't until the 7th!
It doesn't seem like much time but geez I'm an impatient prick. And one of my best friends is visiting from Florida this week and I'm stupid impatient to see her. I've known her for like 5 years and we can only hang out for one (1) day, it doesn't feel like enough.

I didn't mean to turn this into like, a personal thing! Typing stuff into the HTML console just makes me feel smart and productive. But also if anyone has a broken Nintendo system I'll take it off your hands, I'll even pay you if you want just hmu.
...Repairing old stuff like that is one of my passions but in the 'adult world', hardware repair makes poverty wages. I need to find something I love that's actually profitable or I'm gonna have a hard ass time trying to pay rent in the future.

Yknow that pisses me off so bad. Why do I need to let go of my passions to get the bare minimum in this world. Like, I have medicine and stuff to pay for. When I move out and get my own place I don't know how I'm gonna deal with it all. Capitalism is a disease.
9/5/21 12:28am
ahaha yeah so ♥Jay
9/5/21 12:03am
Hey hey hey did you know: when you click on the Blingees on the About Me page, stuff happens?
Well, only for the first two for now. But it's fun! I spent the past hour making a list of all my shiny Pokemon I've gained myself (and one with the help of a friend). I have more that I know are legitimate, but I didn't include them regardless. Sorry Maractus, Xatu, Clefable...

It took literally forever due to me being indecisive on what sprites to use. At first I was going to use the sprites of the games I caught them in but... that is gen 7 for 90% of them. Plus, the heights of the 3d models are wildly different and it was nearly impossible to comfortably fit Stunfisk and Swellow in there. So I just used the sprites from their home games.
Luckily for most of them that was gen 5 and I'm in love with the gen 5 sprites so I'm having a wonderful time!

I STILL have issues with some of the DPPt sprites!! Why is there no readily-available animated version of Glaceon?! Is there, like, a reason? Do the people at sprite resources just hate gen 4? I don't understand...

Honestly, I'm just procrastinating taking photos of my figures and stuff for the other collection pages. I'll get around to it because I'm desperate to ramble about this crap but god the set-up is horrendous. I have so many freaking US TOMY figures, it's insane. And I got more cards, so I gotta redo that section- though, I guess that's not as pressing. Not like it was a substantial amount.

...I wonder if this site is actually tearing me away from collecting? Whenever I look to get something I'm like, 'god, that will suck to try to put into the site'. I think it has done the opposite of its intended purpose, though I guess it's good. I am out of a job after all.
Didn't even get the co-op job I was looking at... I need a job really badly, haha.
Anyway! Have a good night, take care, have a good Labor Day weekend.
9/2/21 8:26pm
The 'remnants' (lol) of Hurricane Ida hit me really hard today, the power was out in the morning but luckily it came back quick. My whole neighborhood was flooded like hell last night, and while my area seems back to normal now, neighboring towns are still struggling. Wish I could post pics here without destroying my blog formatting, lol. Maybe someday...

Anyway, I've been working on making more of the sprites on the 'name' pages animated. If you don't know, when you click on the 'menu sprites' of my Pokemon teams on each region's page, you'll get a little page about the nickname I gave to the Pokemon and why. I'm trying to make all those animated, but I... can't find an animated sprite of Altaria or Luxray from Platinum??
I can find the frames easily, but I know the gen 4 sprites all like.. move a bit, like the gen 3 ones do, and I'm unsure how to do that. If anyone reading this happens to have the animated sprites of Altaria and Luxray from Platinum let me know via the guestbook ahaha....

I also can't find animations of the gen 8 models, but I expect that a bit more. I was super shocked when pokencyclopedia had transparent GIFs of the gen 6/7 models!! Super helpful and cool. I'd like gen 8 ones too thanks♥

On that note, for some reason, the animatedPNG of Donphan I found on bulbapedia doesn't seem to be working. All the other animatedPNGs do, so I don't know the issue. I can't convert it to GIF either, it sticks on frame 1. I don't know how to fix it, and none of the other Crystal Donphan sprites I found have transparent backgrounds... so frustrating.
I hate how inconsistent everything is.
I don't care for apng anyway, it's dumb and just causes more problems. Who cares if it 'is more versitile' and 'gives more colors' and 'is a smaller file size' or whatever??? It's frustrating!

I AM very happy at the amount of working GIFs I did find, though! I'll never get over how wonderful the gen 5 sprites are. If it werent for the fact that they don't exist for Kalos onwards, I'd just use them all around the site. Gen 5 and Gen 2 have my absolute favorite sprite styles.

Anyway... I guess I'm done working with the sprites for now, since I've found all I can. Next order of business is to continue my collection pages and make myself an 88x31 button...
Take care!!
9/1/21 1:11pm
Put more links in during class! There's lots of very good stuff. I also added Serebii because Joe Merrick is a treasure.
9/1/21 7:47am
I'm currently at school but I thiiink I got all the pages done! Everything should have a Links page in the place of Stats. If it doesn't work, refresh with ctrl+f5! If it still doesn't work... let me know. Anyway, back to history class.
9/1/21 1:00am
Ahh I really need to stop staying up so late >.> Neocities is really reawakening my interest in internet culture and the way it works though, especially old web stuff. I've been clicking from site to site for the past two hours, and hence- the Stats page is now a Links page!

The page itself was stupid easy to make but... god it's so difficult to redo the top navigation bar on every. single. page. I haven't even gotten to the plush pages yet, I'm holding off on that. Maybe it'll give me something to do in school tomorrow lmao. Copy and paste... and paste... and paste...
Do take a look at the sites I linked though! The Team Rocket Site is an old angelfire site i found linked on Bulbapedia, and it has links to other angelfire Team Rocket sites! They're all so old, and outdated, and interesting! The rest are all from our good host neocities.

Lowkey considering becoming a supporter for 5$ a month just so I can play music on this site. I had songs picked out and downloaded for every page before realizing I gotta pay to use .mp3 files. Can I put music in CSS to avoid going to every single page to change the heading code??
If I was better at planning these sorts of things this wouldnt be an issue, now would it. ^^"

I really should get to bed though. I think I've done all the links except plush ones, which, like I said... maybe I can just do that during school. It's a lot of copy+pasting, and doesn't require me to double check the site a bunch of times. A bunch of gibberish-looking code and no interesting graphics will dissuade people from looking over my shoulder in class.
8/30/21 1:58pm
I'm at school >:) We don't have work to do so I updated the Games pages. Everything up to and including the DS section is good to go. Working on little reviews of all these games is harder than I thought they'd be.

That's all for today though, I have people looking over my shoulder and need to go home in 10 minutes.
Take care!
♥ Jay
8/28/21 9:53pm
I swear I'm not dead I just- I ran out of ideas! I think I might scrap the stats page idea, because I'd have to redo it every time I get a new plush. As much as I love data and charts that's a bit too much to deal with.
Due to me not having a job, I'm on a plush-spending-freeze, but who knows how long that'll last.

Band camp is over! It's been over for a week now, but school is starting in a couple days now. I'm actually sort of excited? I almost failed when doing online school, I'm excited to go back in person. And I got a job opportunity related to my field of study in the local technology school that pays pretty well, so maybe I won't even have to go back to retail!
Things are looking up aside from the whole worldwide pandemic nearing on 2 years thing.

IN WEBSITE NEWS: I added pages for my other Pokemon stuff! Right now I just have pages on cards, pins, and snowglobes, and they're not nearly as detailed as my plush pages, but they work! I'm really excited to set up all my figures for a group shot, and to write about two very special items I'm gonna put in the miscellaneous section.

♥ Jay
8/8/21 1:07am
OKAY! I finished all the descriptions in the Plush Collection page for real this time, as well as added all my new friends (minus pikatoast. I'm still debating if I want to bother with making him part of the overall Pikachu section, or his own thing.) I feel like I'm finally ready to share this with people properly?
I need double sided tape... some garland I made for my desk is falling down again...

Anyway, I'm wondering how/where to incorporate the giant pic of my plush pile. So many things to think about, and band camp starts this week. God I'm so tired already just thinkig about it. And today was my last day of work! I can't work for the rest of the month due to band, and after that I'm getting a new job. I was accepted at a place that pays 12$ instead of 10$. Still very mediocre wages but at least it's a smaller store, so maybe I won't be doing as much?

I'm so tired haha. Very anxious for no reason, I just want to curl up and read. I was going to go to the game shop (that has a manga cafe!!) tomorrow, but now apparently my brother and his friends are coming too? Not a big deal. It's a public space. I was just hoping it would be quiet. I need to get somewhere where nobody knows me. Work was good for that but now that I quit...

Hm, Regardless. I need sleep, I guess!
♥ Jay
8/4/21 2:00am
I made a guestbook:)
It is 2 am I need to Stop This lol.

Going to a game shop with my little brother tomorrow/today! Pretty excited actually. I don't spend a whole lot of time with him, and I feel bad. I worry about him a lot, actually...
Regardless, despite not having any more spending money due to my lack-of-a-job and the fact that I need to save my last paycheck on things I've preordered, I think it'll be a fun time. I hope it's a fun time. I really, really hope so.

♥ Jay
8/3/21 10:35pm
I did it!!! I finished all the descriptions and menu sprites for my Plush Collection page! Just in time for new plushies to arrive haha.
Not sure what to do next as I am procrastinating the stats section. Kind of want to add pages when you click on each 'About Me' blingee, but I don't know what to do past the first one. Sort of want to make the one when you click on the Pokemon blingee to show like, a list of all the shiny Pokemon I've gotten? I think that'd be fun but the thought of setting it up is hhhhhhhhh painful. Too many graphics and I STILL CAN'T FIND ANIMATED 3D MODELS OF THE POKEMON FOR DOWNLOAD.

Band has been really rough. I'm not good at the vibraphone and I'm even worse at keeping a practice schedule outside of rehearsal, so I know I'm probably disappointing my instructor. She places a lot of faith in me and I don't know why lmao. I hope I can live up to her expectations.

Anyway as far as plushies go I think the fact that I'm getting at least two new Pikachu soon is going to throw a wrench in things. Getting my massive friend out to take a photo of the Pikachu collection is such a hassle, but a needed one lol.
Ah, I have to make pages for each plushie's brand and where I got them at some point, don't I? I mean, I want to. Currently trying to figure out the best way to do that.
I'll probably have it so when you click on the image in the collection page, it will open a new page with a bigger photo as well as information. Like my own little Pokedex~

That's all stuff to do... eventually, though. Not going to get too into it until my next haul, especially because I will be out of a job and therefore collecting will slow down for a while. Gives me lots of time to make this site the best it can be :)
♥ Jay
8/3/21 2:50am
I've been adding descriptions of each of my Pokemon I put in the 'recent team' section. When you click on them, a page explaining their nickname will pop up!
I've also been adding menu sprites. I got about halfway done gen 4 before realizing oh wait, animated menu sprites. Those are a thing. And I found a website with all of them! Thanks pokencyclopedia.info lmao.

I finished all the naming parts, now I just have to add menu sprites. God. It's pretty exhausting, but now that I know what I'm doing it's not as bad. Regardless it is 3 am and I'm hanging out with my girlfriend tomorrow and going to band practice. God. I wish I got motivation to do these things earlier in the day.

Take care of yourself, don't be like me lol.
♥ Jay
8/1/21 2:15am
I know I have more important things to do site-wise, such as finish the stats page and add that picture of Alolan Marowak, but.
I spent the last 2.5 hours making blingees (despite using picmix, I give up lmao) using the flags I identify with and putting them on a page that appears when you click my picture on the About Me tab. it's pretty ugly. I can't figure out how to get everything spaced apart nicely while also keeping it centered. I am working on it though, I assure you. God I'm just so tired, and my body hurts so much from working all day. Gonna crawl into bed and sleep.

I'm so tired it's not even funny:)
♥ Jay
7/28/21 5:01pm
I was really productive today! The site's finally coming together!! I have the collection pages finishsed up through Sinnoh, and I replaced the 'favorite Pokemon' part of said pages with sprites of my most recent team from that region. Makes me realize how long it's been since I played a Hoenn game....
I've tried doing nuzlocke runs of Alpha Sapphire like, 3 times, but I die every time. I'm really bad at nuzlockes because I hate grinding. If I actually succeeded I could replace my horrible 2014 team with one of those, but... I never did. Whoops.

I also don't have like, ANY Sinnoh or Hoenn plushies compared to Johto and Kanto. For Sinnoh it's fine, I'm waiting until the sitting cuties release to stock up. But for Hoenn there's just... not a lot I want? Maybe at some point I'll get like, an Azurill or Skitty or something. And I really like Dustox, but I'm not sure if I like it enough to want a plush of it. Maybe the Spheal line? I'm getting ahead of myself.

I have more plushies on the way from a friend on Discord, she buys big lots from Japan and resells them at good prices. I got a Pichu, a Cleffa, a Togedemaru, a Pikachu, and a Grookey. It's mostly gen 1 and 2! What's up with this! I don't even like Kanto that much!!!!
I tried to play Pokemon Blue not too long ago, but I didn't get far enough to even have a full team. I hated it. If I was a child and that was my first exposition to Pokemon I simply would lose interest. I don't know how the kids back then did it.

On more relevant news, as you can maybe see I made the top of the website have a glittery title.:) I also added a weird smiley face divider. I might change that if I find a better one on Tumblr or something, but I'm in no rush.

I also upscaled the resolution of the Pokeball sprites on each collection page! It looks really nice now, I think! Love you!
♥ Jay
7/27/21 1:48am
Hmm, okay so I think I finished the Kanto section of my Plush Collection page. The issue is I'm not sure how to add descriptions in an appealing way. I figured the pages would look less cluttered because I sorted by region, but when I added text it filled right on up with garbage.
It sucks, because I really wanted to add information like the brand and where I got each plush, but I think that'll have to wait for now. All the ways to make an appealing and unobtrusive gallery in HTML/CSS I can find use javascript which I have never bothered with and don't have the energy to learn. I'm learning too much lately haha.

I was made to play the Vibraphone in my school's marching band against my will because I apparently picked it up pretty quickly. That's not exactly a brag, because I'm still bad at it and I don't really enjoy it. Learning something new is hard and painful especially when you don't have much of a choice- it's why school sucks, I think.
Marching band is better than normal school though even though I'm learning against my will and my hands are killing me because of it. God, holding mallets properly takes a lot of hand flexibility and patience I simply do not have apparently.

...anyway, that's why I'm sick of learning and why I refuse to learn javascript even if it means making a much worse site. The next order of business is, of course, to fill out the rest of the collection pages.
I want to finish this part so badly so I can do funky stuff... I want to make like, a custom cursor for the site, and maybe add a music player? I think it'd be cool if like, tracks from each game played on their respective regions' pages. What music would this blog have...? Maybe on the non-region-specific pages I'll put spinoff game music. That'd be cool! But I'm getting ahead of myself though. I still don't know how to make captions.
OH! Maybe I can make a page for 'stats', y'know like 'How Many Pokemon of Each Type?', and 'How Many Pokemon from Each Region?', and 'What Brand is the Most Common?'... oh that sounds really fun. I wanna make a pie chart.

I'll figure it out eventually I guess lol, take care.
♥ Jay
7/25/21 1:50am
okokok I swear I'm not dead it's just... a lot harder to make a coherent website than I remember. And the little voice in my head telling me I'm being cringe by doing things like listing my favorite bands isn't helping. But despite my cringe, I am free and I am going to make this freedom everyone else's problem.

It took literally forever but I finally got the motivation to photograph all of my Pokemon plushies. Oh, you don't see them yet? I... I haven't actually made the pages of photos yet. I spent the past two hours or so making new Blingees and figuring out how to make the little Pokemon sprites I put in the Collections page bounce when you mouse over them. IT WORKS NOW! I AM VERY PROUD OF MYSELF! It took an incredibly long time to figure that one out.

I know my next order of business should be to make those aforementioned photo pages but I'm really frustrated because I don't know what to do with my index page. I'm awfully bad at introductions, especially in a place like this. I don't know what information a casual viewer of this website would want to know about me, and if I were to just go under the assumption I'm making this myself well then what's the point of an introduction at all? Also, how is the main page different than the 'about me' tab?!

WHAT DO PEOPLE PUT ON INDEX PAGES?! I see a lot of 'welcome to my site:)' things but that... it feels... I don't know. I think maybe I need more graphics?
Do I draw the graphics myself, since I'm supposed to be an artist? Or do I stick with surfing old web forums and archives to find stuff? Is that art theft?! Would my art style clash badly with the vibe of the rest of the site? I guess I should use like, vibrant colors and stick to the site's pallet..? Web design is hard I don't know why anyone would want to do this for a career. Also if I have to fiddle with the spacing of elements one (1) more time I may snap, quite frankly. You would not believe the sigh of relief I let out when the Pokemon sprites were properly spaced from the get-go. God...

I've been rubber duck coding to my friend Kaylin and my stuffed stegosaurus, Samuel. They've both been very helpful. I'm going to the local arcade with my girlfriend and our two other friends on a double date tomorrow which is fun. I wish I had more time to work on this site, but between marching band practice and work I'm... quite exhausted all the time.

God I hope I can get this site in functioning order soon. Love you!
♥ Jay
7/4/21 6:15pm
TIME TO REPURPOSE MY WEBSITE! A lot has happened in over a year. I did in fact, get a job and over 4000$. And do you know what that means?
That's right, its time to spend absurd amounts of money on stuffed animals!

I've decided to try and turn this into a nifty little site to document my collection of Pokemon plushes. Luckily I already have the framework for an art gallery somewhere in The Veemo Website (formerly known as The Woomy Website)... Agh, it's so tedious. I wish I spent all this time learning how to be more efficient at this but as it turns out working 5 days a week to earn money for surgery takes a lot of free time away. Who knew?

A work in progress I guess.
♥ Jay
7/12/20 4:00pm
Alright gamers, as of today I'm going to be putting updates about the website and my life here! Yes this is the same day I put an update tab on The Woomy Kingdom Website... that is simply Not The Point! Today I also added the final Blingee to the 'about' page (for now, hehe), and made various edits to the style.css sheet. My code is really messy. :/ I added a guestbook though! That's neat, right? ^^

Anyway I'm doing... a Lot to try to get money for my surgery; I'm nonbinary and I've been struggling with dysphoria since I was 10 and I am in Agony. I opened art commissions which is spicy and I'm trying to get a job and I'm doing all those 'survey for cash' things online. I'm not sure how I'm gonna get 4000 dollars but maybe the sheer determination I have will be enough to convince my parents :)

That's all for today, love you
♥ Jay