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Other Useful Links

Dead Link Checker
Flaming Text- fancy/animated text generator
Pixel Art Scaler (includes .GIFs)
EZGif- .GIF editor/maker
Online Image Editor- add glitter to photos
Caracal- watch videos online with friends
Gifcities- .GIFs harvested from Geocities
ANDI- Accessibility Checker
Vimm's Lair- ROM downloads up to Wii/DS era
hShop- downloads of everything on the 3DS eShop
PowerToys- really good utilities for Windows

Stuff I've Written

On Web Preservation- 10/03/21
On College Preparation- 10/14/21
Vent on State of Things- 01/20/22
Rin Hoshizora and Being Trans 4/29/22
Modifying a Gameboy 5/3/22
How to Randomize a Gen 6 Pokemon Game
Moving and College and Queer People 8/27/22
What is "The Real World"? 10/28/22

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1 (one) braincell catboy rights have a day flashing rainbow colored rubber ducks i love my online friends made with love by jay miku 4 president pikachu is trans eat the rich eat shit transphobes trans rights, baby! trans visiblity w00t w00t w00t queer pride!!! parappa the rapper