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eleven pikachu plush
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Picture 1

Big Toy Factory Pikachu

Got at a thrift store.

Accessory Network Pikachu Keychain

This was given to me by a friend, one of his cheeks fell off shortly after. :(

Small Toy Factory Pikachu

My dad won this for me in a claw machine at the local arcade!

Medium Toy Factory Pikachu

This is my favorite plush I have, he has been with me for so long. Won at a carnival when I was 8. His name is Pika.

US Pokemon Center Christmas 2014 Pikachu

Got for Christmas

Tiny Burger King Pikachu

I think he's from a yard sale?

Jakks Pacific Throw Pokeball Pikachu

Got for my birthday years ago!

US Pokemon Center Art Pikachu

I completely forget where/how I got this.

US Tomy Pikachu

My brother gave him to me after he grew out of Pokemon.

Bootleg Saiko Soda Pikachu

Got on eBay before knowing it was fake. :(

Build-a-Bear Workshop Pikachu

I got this boy on release day! His name is Bolt.

Picture 2

USPC Unova Pikachu Pair

I originally planned to pre-order these, but ended up waiting until they already released... I love Pokemon B/W a lot and these are SO cute- also the only girl pikachu plush I have.

Bandai Spirits 'Pikatoast'

oh my god hes toast

Wicked Cool Toys Christmas Pikachu

My brother got this for me for Christmas, he's such a silly lil guy.. (the pikachu, not my brother).

four pikachu plush