trans rats!

selene poseable figma with litten, rowlet, popplio, and rotomdex.

Selene Figma
I love Figma so so so much. I have a Rin and Len Kagamine as well! They really are phenomenal figures and honestly the fact that Pokemon Center had this lovely lady for retail price??? A dream come true. So many little accessories!!! Me and my friend (i know you are reading this, serena pokemon.) have the same figma and we both love her very much.

james team rocket and meowth figure

Megahouse G.E.M. James + Meowth
I'm not even going to lie to you I just really like James a lot. Very gender. God I wish that was me. I am both attracted to him and want to be him. It's so nice that Team Rocket finally has good quality figures. These things normally go for a lot, but I found both him and his Jessie counterpart on Buyee for 60$ altogether AFTER shipping thanks to a coupon!!!! I cannot express enough. I look at this figure every day.

jessie team rocket and wobbuffet figure

Megahouse G.E.M. Jessie + Wobbuffet
Having James without Jessie is simply wrong and bad. I knew when I saw these figures when they released that if I got one, I'd need the other, or it'd feel incomplete- the issue is these are so expensive. Like, the quality is astounding, and I'm so glad Pokemon is getting 'official anime figures', so to speak, but god. My wallet. Luckily Buyee came in clutch via me making a new account to get the new user code.
...You didn't hear that from me.