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dark musashis rocket realm←90s Team Rocket Translations/Fanfic/Info
a.n. lucas weblounge←Webmastery Resources and Games
serebii←Accurate, Up-To-Date Pokemon Fanwiki
w3 schools←Huge resource for HTML/CSS/JS
pokencyclopedia←Pokedex, Sprites, Calculators
mikumiku←Hatsune Miku Fanwiki
gif gallery←Gif Art Gallery
vimms lair←ROM downloads up to Wii/DS era
dragonfly cave←Pokemon Info, Calculators, Spriting Info
bons graphic collection←Tons of Graphics
88x31←Huge Collection of 88x31 Graphics
32 bit cafe←Free Email, Web Building Resources
js paint←MSPaint Online←Blinkie Maker
glitter graphics and more←Old, Extensive Graphics Resource
pixel safari←Favicons, Dividers, Blinkies, and More
pixel sea←Searchable 88x31 and 32x32 Graphics
textures←Textures and Backgrounds
ezgif←Gif Editor and Maker
hack your 3ds now←Easy guide to hacking your 3DS!


the dreamyard bikobatanari raining-stars teddybear-halo punchy y2k cyber sparkle bills world virtual diva mle-s-paint purple hello 98 plastic dino shishka aegis cafe cinnabar rain feign internet bee the ender draco koinuko toadsbeys place sanhyo the team rocket magic page lulu in cyberspace spirit cellar trash paradise miss moss c04x14l finally happy hekate tonic funk auzzie jay pomelo aces tea shop 44 nifty j4yc33s space genesis june web local fool debs place garf kanto lavender-black vencake fairy of mokosh exephile hotline cafe floppy jay americas decline transmisogyny issac fish anti krist rocket asylum maia crimew . gay ii kanji eevee and roys random homepage sugar for brains AZEIRF serena from pokemon x and y metal vallety monster robot cyber octopus viatrix demon boy y2 kid library of alexandra Trans Bro Kladovka Zanarkand Sugar Angel Lost Letters web haven blagi team rocket worldwide melon Yamasztuka Wii . Gay Mizuki Ita Meel Grays Place Silvally Plushie shiny exe deadmall qrunchy snaq reala chao just fluffing around flamed fury lonely july call me manatee Velvets Dizzys Bunny Hell double incision Solarias Webspace spinning fish punk wasp pixel glade emeralds Pokemon found matias jasmines journal

Here are some 88x31 buttons that don't link to anything!

gay flag bisexual flag transgender flag nonbinary flag genderqueer flag i miss using picto chat doctor mario saying that you are diagnosed with gay lets crush capitalism emulate now this is an anti-nft site got html? this website is best viewed with eyes have ham explorer its okay to give your bros some love this site is miku approved i love my online buddies neko scape 98 nyan! this website is gay made with pride wii LOL piracy now! free! neocities the web is still yours tetris perfect clear web design is my passion yeah i like computer css is awesome pokemon anarchy now! eva bingus made with pride nft? no fucking thanks green gif of lain from serial experiments lain i support right to repair they/them puyo pop fever flashing red, yellow, and green smiley faces trans www the yoshi domain pokemon summer virus alert! click here carousel of gameboy colors the disasterous life of saiki k between millions of people around the world i found you. dont forget to remember this day every time my FRIEND! visit us at mario kart internet privacy NOW kasane teto viva happy gay people youre telling me a queer coded this website? scott the woz mask now! queer pride no nazis no facism no racism frog have a smile pika sharing is caring- seed your torrents windows stop delete twitter make a neocities internet archive make a website cat coolpunk fuck facebook hey you! learn html now! worldwide web connecting people since 1991 mii channel make email common again

Other Useful Links I Use Webmastery Masterlist
Dead Link Checker
Flaming Text- fancy/animated text generator
Lospec's Pixel Art Scaler (includes .GIFs)
Online Image Editor- add glitter to photos
Caracal- watch videos online with friends
Gifcities- .GIFs harvested from Geocities
ANDI- Accessibility Checker
hShop- downloads from the 3DS eShop
Megalist of piracy resources
PowerToys- utilities for Windows
Surfing Waves- Very basic RSS aggregator
Nimi Places- Folders for Windows Desktop
Photopea- Photoshop online for free
Download Books, Remove DRM Protection
Glitter Text Generator


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