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It's been a while since I wrote in here, I've been watching a lot of stuff with my roommates so I haven't had the urge to type my thoughts out since I can just talk about the shows we watch in-person, haha. Finished Buddy Daddies recently, that was a really good show and I was a bit upset (though not unsatisfied) with the conclusion, because it didn't set up for a second season. Maybe we'll see more of Rei, Kazuki and Miri, but the ending made it seem like we won't. And that's okay! But I'm a little upset by it. :)

We also just finished watching Mob Psycho 100. It was my third rewatch (god, what a great show), and my roommate and partner's first watch through. They were apprehensive at first but really liked it by the end!! I think it's just such a beautiful show, with an incredible message and strong characters. Taking your life into your own hands, accepting the parts of you that may be scary, finding your words and finding people who are patient and loving to you are things I really care about and this series means so much to me. I'm a Reigen enjoyer, I think his arc is incredible, and frankly I would kill for Mob (though he would not want me to). They're incredible leads and as much as I wish the series could go on forever and I could always have more to see, I think the ending was really meaningful and conclusive and I'm happy with it.

Aaaand finally, we've been watching through Steven Universe (again). I've watched it three times now, my partner has watched it once, and my roommate has watched it (???) amount of times. It's all fun though. Definitely holds up pretty well. Not perfect, but god, seeing Ruby and Sapphire never fails to make my heart happy. I'm still in such incredible awe that they got to air the wedding episode, even if it meant cutting the rest short. What an incredible, ground-breaking show. Stevonnie was the first Non-Binary person I'd ever seen. I remember almost crying when we got to see Shep in Steven Universe Future. Steven is so kind, the gems are so interesting and flawed, I love this show to pieces.
Been watching a lot of Bocchi the Rock! lately! It's really fun and has some nifty experimental styles of animation.

I honestly don't have a whole ton to say about it. Bocchi feels like a really grounded and realistic character, and demonstrates the catastrophizing nature of anxiety really well... I think my favorite is Nijika, though, just because her primary-color palette is something I really vibe with and I tend to lean more towards 'genki'-style characters, regardless. I love all of them, though. Gay people, all of them.

Kessoku Band's music goes crazy, I've downloaded a few of their songs and will surely get to more. It's nothing overly unique, but I am in fact a sucker for tried and true rock-style anime music. Reminds me a little bit of Franchouchou from Zombieland Saga, as opposed to the K-On comparisons everyone is making. Though, to be fair, I could never finish K-On. I got bored...

I'm not a huge fan of Hiroi, the shark-tooth alcoholic character, mostly because the constant alcohol stresses me out... but that's a me thing. She's pretty well written and I empathize with her a lot, plus her music also slaps! I just... tense up whenever she's on screen, haha.
bocchi turning 3d and slamming into a wall kessoku band putting up peace signs
AH well if anyone knows much about Pokemon I'm sure you've heard the news. They're replacing my boys, Ash and Pikachu.

I feel like there's a lot I could say about them both honestly. Ash was always my role model, my gender, who I strived to be. My Gender Awakening was cosplaying him for Halloween when I was 10. Ash and Pikachu's relationship is so pure and wholesome and easy to watch. They are buddies, they are best friends, they are partners, nothing can come between Ash and Pikachu.

And like, they've been at this for 25 years. I know, to a lot, it's gotten stale. Ash has had his time to shine, and it's about time someone else takes the spotlight. And I get it, and like, on a logical level I agree, but man. Those are my boys. Ash and Pikachu, they are intrinsic to what makes Pokemon Pokemon for me. I've grown up with these two in the background always, as I alternated between following their journeys and simply reading summaries after the fact. It's very, very surreal to see it end.

I'm sure the new kids will be great. I'm sure Rika and Roy are going to do a great job, I'm sure I'm going to become attached to them and love every moment of their journies as well. And I'm absolutely sure Ash and Pikachu will make a cameo at some point- they're too iconic not to. But it will never be the same, and knowing that the tale of this stubborn boy and his equally-stubborn pikachu is almost over really makes me tear up. They really have developed. They have grown a lot, even if the anime's soft rebooting may make it hard to tell. Seeing Ash take on a more mentor role this season was really satisfying to me, because he deserved it. He really is the best, the greatest trainer in the world, a Pokemon master.

OH and that's not even getting into the fact that Team Rocket (specifically the Jessie/James/Meowth trio) are probably going to be phased out too. I really sincerely truly hope they get a satisfying conclusion. They've worked so hard, they were forced into crime due to horrific and miserable childhoods and found family in each other. They aren't really even that good at crime. I'm honestly sure at this point Giovanni would thank them for quitting.

I am worried they won't get a satisfying conclusion, because Pokemon Journeys has sort of pushed them to the side this season, which sucks. I miss them. James is also my gender. They're a family, and they love each other, and things just won't be the same without Jessie/James/Meowth looming overhead. Team Rocket-Focused episodes were always some of my favorites. Butch and Cassidy shockingly somehow got satisfying conclusions, so I hope our TRio will follow in their stead and like, open a ramen shop or something. Maybe they could go back to that guy in Sinnoh. I'm sure they'd be welcomed with open arms.

I'm excited to see the final 11 episodes of Ash's journey. I'm excited to see where the anime goes from here, and I'm excited to meet our new cast. But god, it's miserable to think that these journies are over. At least there's like, over 1000 episodes of content to absorb if I ever miss them. I really just cant imagine a pokemon anime without Ash and Pikachu. Like the anime pretty much catapulted Pikachu into mascot status IIRC, but I just can't see anyone other than My Boy having one. Another pikachu feels like a cash-grab; Ash's Pikachu feels right. That's my boy.

Goodbye, my boys. Thank you dearly for my love of Pokemon.
ash and pikachu hugging ash and pikachu brushing their teeth ash putting his hat on pikachu ash and pikachu high fiving before their z move ash and pikachu hugging
Just finished episode 23 of Tamers, I feel like it's sort of... the end of the first part. Like you know how, after Taichi goes to the real world in Adventure 01 by himself and then makes the decision to go back to the Digital World... and that feels like the anime's real turning point? How nothing is the same from then on? I feel like episode 23- with Takato declaring that they should go to the Digital World to get Culumon back- I feel like that's Tamers' version of the turning point.

There's a lot I can say about Tamers now. I really like Juri. She's so real to me, wanting to just be included and knowing she can be helpful but not really understanding how. I think her getting her Digivice is going to be a turning point in her arc, too. She's going to discover very soon that being a Tamer isn't all it's cracked up to be. I also vaguely know from spoilers I've seen that she goes kind of ham and/or gets possessed or something. I love my little creepy weird girls in digimon!

I'm really pleased with Ruki's development, too. She really just straight up called Taomon/Renamon her friend! How sweet is that! Lowkey not a fan of her mom though- I understand her frosty exterior. How else is she supposed to be left alone, after all. Girl's so tough I just want her to be hugged at this point. I'm glad Renamon is so patient and understanding with her, those two have a really sweet relationship and it's been lovely to see it grow and change. You can really feel the difference in Renamon's attitude towards life and purpose when Ruki's attitude changes as well. Those two are so connected, I love it.

Music in this anime goes hard as hell. That's all.
Juri Katou hugging Guilmon Renamon grabbing a drink
Lately I've been on a Digimon kick; my partner and I have been watching Digimon Adventure 01 (it's a 3rd time rewatch for me, but it's her first time seeing it!) and to scratch the Digimon itch when she's busy, I've been watching Tamers!

It's pretty good, actually. I tried watching it as a kid- far past its prime- and got bored, but I've been having fun seeing Jian and Ruki and Takato interact and grow as people and everything. Also, of course, Terriermon is there. Not a lot to say about it on its own yet, though, as I'm less than 10 episodes in. Adventure 01, though...

I sort of built up Adventure 01 as this incredible anime in my head, as the last time I watched it was ~5 years ago and it helped me through some really rough times, but it's really pleasantly mediocre! And I mean that in the kindest way possible! Currently 17 episodes in, just started the Entemon arc, and it's. It's okay! I love it a lot, and it's just as fun to watch as ever, but I've been having an equally good time laughing at it. The animation, which seems to be produced on a budget of a penny and a shiny rock the team found out back, is really funny sometimes. Nothing but respect for the team, and it looks downright beautiful at times, with its watercolor backdrops- but haha oh my god.

I'm really, really excited to get to Hikari!! She's always been my favorite character and I love her, even if she's only used as a plot device half the time. Super excited to see what my partner thinks of her!
Hikari Yagami playing patty-cake with Kuromon Hikari Yagami bowing to the rest of the original 7 Chosen Children