trans rats!

What am I doing now? (as of: 05/11/24)

  • Seasonal:

    Summer "Vacation" (I am working all summer)
  • School:

    Passed all my finals!
  • Work:

    For the summer I'll be making big plastic barrels, but then I go back to retail.
  • Website:

    hoping to get some blog posts and miscellaneous updates done
  • Playing:

    Working on my Pokedex in Pokemon Heartgold!
  • Watching:

    Nothing in particular at the moment.
  • Reading:

    I have the Spy x Family light novel in my backpack but I have not had the motivation to actually read it.
  • Listening:

    Went to some local punk shows :)
  • Planning:

    what the hell am i doing for meals this week...
  • Backburner:

    Project I was working on for my mom
  • Excited For:

    work to start... excited and anxious are really similar tbh
  • Dreading:

    the agonies
  • Health:

    8/10 tiredness, 7/10 pain
  • Feeling:

    Not sure at the moment.