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Moving and College and Queer People

I am typing this one out from a NEW LOCATION!

I recently moved into a new place; my college dorm. It's been... about two weeks now, since I moved in. It's been good! It's been really good!

My roommates are all queer, one of whom is my partner. They're all so nice and easy to talk to, we're great friends already. They've really been encouraging me to get out of my shell, too. We've been playing board games every couple nights and making bracelets together.

And- oh, the best part. I have not been misgendered once in this dorm. Everybody uses my pronouns like it's the most natural thing in the world. I can walk from my room to the kitchen shirtless without anyone batting an eye. We all make jokes about being gay and trans without being afraid of what others will think.

It's been. Really healing honestly.

I also got a new job, I'm one of the IT guys at the school's service desk. Pay isn't super great, at only 10$ an hour, but it's passable. My hours are also really low because of how aggressive my class schedule is. But I don't mind it too much! I'm... writing this from work, actually. Saturdays are slow.

After work, though, we're going to a cabin for the weekend! My roommate said his family invited us to come with him because we're all such good friends now. His family's kind of low-key transphobic but it's fine. We'll be together, after all.

It's been so nice to be in a living space where nobody is yelling or slamming doors. It's been so nice to not have people complaining about what a picky eater I am, or telling me to just get over my uncomfortable-ness with some textures. I actually want to socialize with people, and come out of my bedroom, and play games until late at night.

I'm really happy here. I don't like homework, or math class, or the long walks I have to take to get to class every day. But overall? I'm very happy here. I could get used to this! I'm almost dreading going home for Christmas, haha.

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