trans rats!

three large pokemon tins, featuring lunala+solgaleo, pikachu, and mega rayquaza+hoopa

These are the "collectors chest" collections, I always love these a lot. They always come with stickers, some promo card(s), a notepad... the Sun/Moon one came with pencils! I use the Hoopa/Mega Rayquaza one to hold spare Gameboy parts, and the Sun/Moon one currently acts as my toolbox. Not sure what to do with the 25th anniversary one yet- it's almost too nice to use.

five small pokemon tins, featuring xerneas, kyogre, ho-oh, kyurem, and deoxys

These are the smaller tins that I always think of when I think of Pokemon tins! The Kyurem was my first, and BOY is it rusty. I used it as a boat in the pool for my figures as a kid, so it's absolutely coated in rust on the inside. The Xerneas holds refills for my Copic markers (that I no longer use), and the Ho-Oh holds my Nendoroid parts. The Deoxys one currently acts to hold my Gameboy games, and the Kyogre is empty! Hard to believe I used to fit my entire card collection in just these...

quickball and pokeball

I love these Pokeball tins SO much, although they don't typically come with a whole lot of packs. It's okay though, they make great decorations. The Quick Ball (my favorite Pokeball) is empty, and the normal Pokeball holds some decorative Mario coins I had no other place for. They sit on my desk next to my Switch.