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My Grandmom got me these electric candles for Christmas one year, I didn't think I'd like them as much as I do. During Christmas especially, they make great cozy decorations.

So this is the backpack backpack- that is, the backpack that carries smaller backpacks. I used it as an actual backpack, when I was in 5th grade, but it's a bit too beaten up for normal use nowadays. I got it at Hot Topic.

Absolutely insane birthday present from my parents when I was 9, the Pikachu Lightswitch. It's so funny.

This is an ichibankuji (that is, a lottery with many prizes) prize from New Years 2012 I believe. I got it on Mandarake, it was pretty expensive but I am SO happy I have it. I love Black and White, I love the Unova starters, and I miss the dreamworld so much. This thing is so soft too, and Tepig's ears are floppy!! Having an item that I don't see around that often makes me feel very cool, too.

I bought this from somebody on Discord, and it's one of my favorite items. It's in insanely good condition, for a clock from the 90s (I believe 1998, though I could be mistaken!). The alarm function works and I use it every day to wake me up to Pikachu screaming at me. He is so chunky, too. Perfect clock.