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black switch pro controller with pikachu

This PowerA Switch Pro Controller is.. meh? I love the design, but it came scratched up (on the Pikachu decal), and of course PowerA controllers aren't known for being durable. The two I've had previously have both gotten drift faster than my Joycons. I mostly have this as a decoration at this point. It's nice for when I have company over, though.

set of pokemon manga

I used to be obsessed with PokeSpe manga back when I was younger, I have this whole box set I got from my Grandmom for my birthday! Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding the volumes I needed (namely, 11 and up) so I've lost interest. I still have a VERY special spot in my heart for Yellow, though. She's all I wanted to be as a kid. I want to get back into PokeSpe, but I mostly want physical volumes and wow books get expensive! And there's just... there's so many of them...

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