i love my partner

I love my partner SO much wowowowow. We have been together 5 years as of November 2023!! Here's a list of things that make me super happy to have them in my life. :)

  • Kindest and most patient person in the whole world
  • Laughs so easily and her laugh is so cute!!!
  • Always learning and trying new things
  • Generally very cool and has very cool interests such as casette tapes, legend of zelda, witchcraft
  • Prettiest girl forever and ever. His hair is so beautiful his face is perfect their body is perfect size and shape for me to wrap my arms around. etc.
  • Always encourages me to work hard and do my best :')
  • Works so hard in their own right... their major looks very difficult
  • A very special boy.
  • A very very good listener
  • Makes me feel so safe and loved
  • Is at the opposite end of my extremes (I can be very loud, she is very quiet, for example) so we balance each other out!!
  • Amazing communicator and helps me do the same
  • The most calming person I have ever been around
  • We can encourage each other to break out of our comfort zones!
  • So respectful of my boundaries
  • We're so comfortable and in sync with each other
  • First person I came out as trans to, I don't think they've gotten my pronouns wrong once.
  • bwah . i love my partner,,,,