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Staying Safe Online

The internet can be a scary place, and there's a lot that could go wrong. Unfortunately, many internet safety guides are incomplete at best and anxiety-inducing at worst. The intention here is to provide a semi-quick primer on internet safety, with links and ideas on how to get more in-depth if you so choose.

Personal Details: Do I Need to be Anonymous?
One important thing to remember about the internet — specifically social media spaces and public Discord servers — is you never really know who's looking at what you post. Privating your accounts and only allowing access to close friends is a simple way to avoid this, but what if you want to be a part of a bigger space or want to get your work (whether it be art, writing, an online store) out there? Not all of these points will apply equally to everybody, and it's important to keep your own use-cases in mind. But here's a rundown of information you should generally keep to yourself:
Talking to People Online
Not everybody on the internet is out to get you, obviously. But some people are, and it's important to be able to identify red flags and know what to do if somebody starts to make you uncomfortable. Coping with harassment and abuse is a bit out of the scope of this guide, but hopefully these tips can help you avoid some of it to begin with.
Separation of Identity
The world is very connected now! Many schools, workplaces, and local event groups will have an online presence and may even require you to be a part of it. If you want to take part in these things as well as have your own online presence, it's a good idea to separate your identities.
Adblockers are obvious, but here's some other programs you can get to keep yourself safe online.
Further Reading

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