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Im here, Im queer, and Im full of existential fear

I'm here and I'm queer and I won't be erased.
Queer Anarchism/Anarcho-Feminism/Pink Anarchism (whatever you so choose to call it) is a type of anarchism that I really, really gravitate toward Y'know, being queer and all that.

Anarchy is a big scary word that gets a lot of people pissed off. Depending on you ask, that is either a bug or a feature! I personally am of the opinion that a majority of people agree with some anarchist principles- until you tell them that they're anarchist, of course! I'll break down some queer-centric anarchist texts (for pride month:)) to make it all a bit less overwhelming. Also I'll add some of my own thoughts and tie it into today's world because I think it's more fun (for me) that way.
...that being said, I also have the attention span of a rat so a lot of the texts I link will be lighter to begin with.

"The Queer Nation Manifesto"
This was a manifesto passed out by ACT UP in New York in 1990, right in the AIDS crisis. I think, in the US right now- which is my frame of reference, because I live here; of course, a lot is happening in other places, as well, but I'm not educated enough to speak on that here today- it is more relevant than ever. We may not have the AIDS crisis (to the same extent it once was. Black and brown communities still suffer from HIV/AIDS at higher rates than others.), but we are facing an incredible wave of anti-trans, anti-gay, anti-queer legislation that can and will get people killed. It's awfully scary.

Of course, this manifesto is angry. And it should be! It goes into how straight people are the enemy, which sounds dramatic at first, but it makes sense.

"They are your enemy when they don't acknowledge your invisibility and continue to live in and contribute to a culture that kills you."...

Anarchism, Sexual Liberation, and Bisexuality
I found this short article really interesting, especially with how... our right to Gay Marry seems to be in quite a tenuous spot right now in America.
The author, Peter Principle, discusses how in order to achieve real freedom, one must overcome and understand issues of class, race, gender, sexuality, and disability. Many people (anarchist and otherwise) seem to focus on only one section, or go all-in without giving it real thought- and that is why they like to be able to take things as they are.
Similar to the last article, they are vehemently against "respectability politics"- in this case, it is about our right to marry. In this, instead of calling out an enemy that consists of straights who don't care to help us, the author calls out liberals. Those who only care about gay rights when it's convenient, who tell us how to fight nicely for our rights. It argues against those closeted (or even out!) queer people in press and government who fight against us in hopes of being one of "the good ones". ...

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