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Outfits I've Worn!

white shirt with GAMEBOY on it, black shorts, chain, multicolored bracelets going to elbows longsleeve black and white striped shirt, purple button up with ghost types, black jeans gloomy bear shirt, colorful bracelets going to elbows, large baggy black jeans black sweater with skeleton bones on it, black shorts, chain

arcade print button down shirt, a few colorful bracelets orange pumpkin vest, black and white striped shirt, black cape, black shorts, black and white striped leggings pink sweater with kikis delivery service on it, white collar, light blue jeans long sleeve with rainbow stripes, colorful bracelets going to elbows, black shirt with THEY/THEM on it, black baggy jeans
1 (one) braincell catboy rights have a day flashing rainbow colored rubber ducks i love my online friends made with love by jay miku 4 president pikachu is trans eat the rich eat shit transphobes trans rights, baby! trans visiblity w00t w00t w00t queer pride!!! parappa the rapper