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Pride flags that represent me! :)

gay flag with gay pride written over top of it, as well as a rainbow version of the windows 98 logo trans flag with the trans symbols and black stars over top of it. it says TRANS RIGHTS! as well as THEY bind safely. there is also a trans-colored dancing cockroach
bisexual flag with sparkly pink and blue triangles over top of it. on the top there are sparkly purple and pink flowers nonbinary flag with silver, pulsing stars over top of it. thers a pink box with sparkles that says stupid and nonbinary. purple and yellow flowers are on the right
genderqueer flag with purple flowers on the top and green flowers on the bottom. there is pink text on the top that says genderqueer as well as green text in the middle that says they/them the lavender boy flag (made by cosmichi on tumblr) with purple flowers, a blue teddy bear, and a blue box that says gay little catboy on the bottom. there is a cloud on the top and a large pink folder that says my documents.
1 (one) braincell catboy rights have a day flashing rainbow colored rubber ducks i love my online friends made with love by jay miku 4 president pikachu is trans eat the rich eat shit transphobes trans rights, baby! trans visiblity w00t w00t w00t queer pride!!! parappa the rapper