trans rats!

App defaults!

I saw fLaMEd do a blog post on this and I thought it would be silly and fun to do myself. I plan to update this if/when my defaults change. I use Android and Windows, and a lot of default apps. Nothing as interesting as Flamed's answers haha.

  • Mail Client: Fairemail/Gmail+Squirrelmail+Outlook
  • Mail Server: N/A
  • Notes: Notebook/Notepad
  • To-Do: Amazing Marvin
  • Photo Shooting: Default Camera App
  • Photo Management: Gallery/File Explorer
  • Calendar: Default Calendar App
  • Cloud file storage: N/A (I probably should..)
  • RSS: Feedbro
  • Contacts: Default Contacts App
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Chat: Textra/Discord
  • Bookmarks: Firefox
  • Read It Later: N/A
  • Word Processing: Microsoft Word+Google Drive+Etherpad
  • Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel
  • Presentations: Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Shopping Lists: Amazing Marvin
  • Meal Planning: Notebook
  • Budgeting & Personal Finance: Physical Notebook + Pencil
  • News: N/A
  • Music: Blackplayer/Foobar
  • Podcasts: N/A
  • Password Management: Notebook (Do not do this)
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